Hello everyone, Carlos here in another project update, today we will discuss about our new swap implementation, and how it enables the v1 liquidity pool contracts from Pancakeswap directly on our platform, giving everyone the chance to operate in a more easily and trustworthy way among the pools.

Hello everybody, Carlos here in some kind of “Captain’s Log” update, in which I’ll be addressing some of the concerns with the inflationary nature of our staking pools, exposing the upcoming developments and how everything will be interacting together.

The central part or backbone of this planning is going to be around the “Orbital Station” contract, which in simply words will be using the stablecoins from the purchases that people made in our protocol NFT Store, to make automated arbitrages and then performs a buyback/burn operation with the generated vaults yield interests.

In order to achieve this, we as protocol…

Hello everyone, as you all must know, last week on Friday 23th Pancakeswap performed an update to its contracts, in order to change some of theirs tokenomics.

Hello everyone, we’re happy to announce the winners of our second monthly raffle giveaway, thank you all for continuously support the project.

Also remember the upcoming opening of our DOT-SPORE LP pool, in which you will need an NFT to unlock the rewards; More information can be found on the official communication: https://spore-eng.medium.com/new-pool-about-to-open-prepare-your-dot-spore-lp-tokens-and-nft-access-card-to-join-the-ride-e212fcfec7ff


  • 0xD44BdEF1556aa0484A9Ac8deBcA5A321aF3Cc059
  • 0x036600c5DAA442DdFF31eAB662DA8149653494fC
  • 0x46ed55e8048dD7e612E18BD85A3255E8aC4fCb2E
  • 0x5a1d115557dBD0F0e2d12f7dF64508b71481F5ed
  • 0xdA257D7D759E10975bfF91e37ecFd4444506F6fb
  • 0x0aC9eE9D748E615eafEcc7d2B556E7950F2B57B7
  • 0xaa515035c04aabf8f217bb3fa387a44f332d2314
  • 0x155489f1F7a8aef6e77A489eF943Cdf158eCE683
  • 0x51007d17C1238E2A2F945c3B5861f1806ED9c4a1
  • 0x9b3e54ca6234de869b9bc385df6f8cb104d28080
  • 0xA6151Db8747538ab8B0285149FBa103e932778Cb

Winners Tweets:

Hello everybody, we are really happy to announce the opening of a new farming pool for the DOT-SPORE liquidity pair, in which you will need an specific NFT in order to be able to operate and get rewards from it.

The NFT Store

26th March 2021

Dear Community,

Another weekend and lots of news for you! Our Audit Report is ready and published. Immune Bytes has considered our contracts of Low risk. The major issues were already in public knowledge and are related to our Early Stage. As the founder has explained many times before, we had to sacrifice a bit of decentralization in order to have everything secure and under control. That’s why it is so important that our identities are public on our website.

19th March 2021

Dear Community,

We are still here working for growth. Our first paid audit is on rails. ImmuneBytes is the team in charge of checking and testing our contracts. Please keep in mind that these are just the kickstart Audits in order to test our security before being able to recibe bigger volumes, and major adoption.

5th March 2021

[Spanish Below]

Dear Community,

We are very happy to celebrate our first Month live in Binance Smart Chain! For this special time we’ve set up a Giveaway of 50 SPORE. The 8 winners will be announced this next Monday 8th March. Kindly check our Twitter for further information about how to take part.

Weekly Update #3

25th February

Dear Spore Community,

We have put together this brief summary to keep you up to date with our recent achievements and future movements.

What a great week we have had! After our listing on Coingecko on the 21st of February, we reached a new ATH near 79 USD per SPORE and a daily volume of 2.2M USD. We were also recently added to CoinMarketCap which puts SPORE on the two biggest coin listing services. We hope to be added to the Bscscan yield farming list soon as well.

In other news, the request for an audit by CertiK…

18th February 2021

Dear Community,

We are very happy to have completed our first two weeks live in BSC Main net. Every day more people are joining our Telegram channel, and more Spore tokens are minted.

The aim of this article is to cover some FAQs. If you haven’t read our last article covering the first round of FAQs of them you can check it here. In that article, we have already answered questions about max supply, audit and more.

First of all, we want to remind everyone that our Project is still in a very early stage. We are…

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