New pool about to open, prepare your DOT-SPORE LP tokens and NFT access card to join the ride

Hello everybody, we are really happy to announce the opening of a new farming pool for the DOT-SPORE liquidity pair, in which you will need an specific NFT in order to be able to operate and get rewards from it.

The NFT Store

As we stated before, in order to be able to access to this pool, you will need the “Access Card: DOT-SPORE”, which can be acquired through our NFT store.

  • You only need one token to access.
  • Those tokens are non transferrable.

Our NFT store has its own contract that collects all purchases to perform a buyback operation (manually at the moment), this operation is meant to help the price sustain over time of our Spore Token.

The Staking Contract

On March 24th of the current 2021, we got our first audit conducted by the IMMUNE BYTES Team, that's why we’ve decided to add these feedback into this new contract to bring all the good practices the audit team provided us.

Here are some of the issues and fixes:

Issue: You need to sum the amounts before you rest them.

Fix: addition was putted before subtraction, pretty straight forward :)

Issue: Repeated code.

Fix: Implemented the code into a function to reutilize it.

Well, those two are the most relevant ones so far, but you can check the complete report and the Github repository to review all the improvements.

Thank you very much for all the support showed to the project so far, I really hope you all enjoy those improvements and the ecosystem we are trying to build here.


Carlos Baeza, Founder.

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