Robot Oil Pre Sale Is Open!

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4 min readOct 28, 2021


Hello Spacewomen and Spacemen! We are thrilled to announce the official launch of Spore Galaxies in-game currency Robot Oil.

OIL is the fuel to power our NFT ecosystem.

In the very beginning, its use case is to upgrade and fuel the Sporekeys.

These little robots help you to retrieve your planet’s minerals and use them as ingredients to produce (yield) more OIL over time.

Pre-sale is taking place on our redesigned official website.

Robot Oil Token Information

Robot Oil Token Distribution

  • Pre-sale: 2,000,000 OIL
  • Marketing: 400,000 OIL
  • Liquidity Pool: 1,250,000 OIL
  • Spore Dao Bank: 150,000 OIL
  • Team: 1,200,000 OIL (locked until: Wednesday, 30 November 2022)

Pre-sale Information

Pre-sale Allocation

  • Marketing: 192 BNB ~ 320 BNB (32%)
  • Liquidity Pool: 300 BNB ~ 500 BNB (50%)
  • Spore Dao Bank: 60 BNB ~ 100 BNB (10%)
  • Team: 48 BNB ~ 80 BNB (8%)

Pre-sale Rules

  • All BNB will reside in the pre-sale contract. In case pre-sale doesn’t meet the soft cap by the determined date, an unlimited refund period will become available for everyone to retrieve their initial BNB.
  • When pre-sale ends, users will be able to claim their OIL purchases in their wallets.
  • When pre-sale ends BNB will be transferred from the contract to the Spore DAO multisig wallet, along with the remaining tokens that weren’t purchased.

Pre-sale UI

Pre sale UI comes in both white and black theme.

White Theme:

pre-sale UI white theme

Black Theme:

pre-sale UI black theme

Pre-sale UI Explanation

The pre-sale main section will have all the current and past listed pre-sales, you can easily see which one is active, along with basic information like the end date, hardcap and softcap.

Once you select the pre-sale option you’d like, a sidebar will pop up which contains the remaining pre-sale information.

The first thing you’ll notice is the total amount of BNB sold, which also details how many tokens have been purchased, giving you an idea of how far from completion the pre-sale is.

You’ll also find the pre-sale minimum and maximum purchase amounts by account.

If you are connected to BSC and already have your wallet connected to the site, you’ll be able to buy OIL tokens in exchange for BNB.

Remember, these BNB you spent along with the OIL tokens you purchased, will reside inside the pre-sale contract until completion.

Once pre-sale has finished, you’ll be able to retrieve your OIL tokens by simply clicking on the claim button, which also shows your current OIL balance.

If pre-sales don’t hit the soft cap by the determined date, the refund period will start, and every user will be able to retrieve their BNB back into their wallets, intact, with no fees nor time clauses.

Finally, at the bottom of the pre-sale details sidebar, you will find the current status of the pre-sale, along with its contract address and the Spore Bank DAO multisig wallet address which is the final recipient of the token sales.

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