Spore Galaxy NFT: 12,000 Randomly Generated Planets Which Composes The Spore Universe!

Hello everyone, we are thrilled to officially announce the launch on mainnet (BSC) of the Spore Galaxy NFT Metaverse, there are 12,000 completely random generated planets with more than 30 different features which defines your planet’s shape and rank class based on different stats.

Rank & Rarity System

Rank system based on overall planet points with 5 different categories, common, rare, epic, legendary and exotic. Items are also related to planet’s environment with more than 266 different random assets to choose from.

Rich Planet’s Metadata

The minting platform of the planets is BSC, but by roadmap is defined a bridge migration of them to another networks, including Polygon, meaning that you could eventually use Opensea as secondary market to sell your planets.

Secondary Marketplace:

We are verified partner at SCV Finance and have our own Storefront.

Planet’s Composition

Each planet have more than 15 different unique characteristics that shapes planet’s environment, meaning that if you have a planet with red rock colors, those rocks will define planet’s surface, and if planet surface are islands, planet shape will be with islands and red rocks, and so on, for more than 15 different and unique attributes.

This is how these attributes are shown on each planet’s profile:

Overall Planet’s Stats

Every planet will have 3 main stats composed by life, attack and defense, along with many others attributes which will composes the overall planet rank punctuation displayed.

Planet’s Minerals:

Each planet will have 3 minerals with different rank classes based on theirs points (you can have the same mineral but with different points), for now they don’t have a functionality but its supposed to let the planet owner to mine and trade them with other users or markets.

Planet’s Background History:

Planets will also have a background lore related to its minerals, ruler, flora, fauna, and how its generally composed, having a chance to have your planet ruler or characteristic implicit contextualized inside the history itself as a premium feature.

Planet’s Equipment:

Each planet will have 5 different kind of base items for life, attack and defense, they follow the same point scale from 8 to 105 points for perfect score.

Planet’s Ruler & Spaceship

Each planet will have 1 planet ruler and 1 spaceship, the first will give a bonus to the overall planet defense while the Spaceship will give a bonus to the overall attack.

Rarity for both is calculated based on the 8 to 105 point scale, being 3.15% a perfect rank, while 0.24% is the lowest possible punctuation.

Applying Ruler & Spaceship Bonuses

There are 7 different attributes that gives life, defense and attack (5 base items plus Ruler and Spaceship attributes), which gives a total perfect score of 735 points if you have all 7 attributes at 105 points.

Overall Planet’s Rank:

List of the 26 attributes which composes the planet’s overall rank class.

How Rarity Is Calculated

Each planet have 26 different elements which composes theirs overall rank, these elements have a random value from 8 to 105 points which determine the rarity class of each attribute, and the sum of all these will determine the overall planet rank.

For Ruler and Spaceship bonus, the value (8~105) will be multiplied by 3 and then divided by 100, giving a possible maximum bonus of 3.15%, and a possible minimum bonus of 0.24%.

Here’s a rarity table for attribute rank classes:

Rank Color Specification:

Color specification for rank rarity classes.

Galaxy Dapp

Visit the Dapp to check minted planets.

Try Our Demo:

There’s a demo available in which you can play around generating random planets along with theirs respective stats, just click on the planet to generate a complete new random set of stats.

Mint Your Planet

Come and play with us, you will be able to preview your future planet’s environment composition at the moment of minting them by just clicking on the planet, and remember, cold planets cannot produce fire based elements, as well as fire planets cannot produce cold based ones.

Planet Rarity Index:

Aims to be the primary selling tool for secondary markets, in this index you can search and sort planets based on theirs attributes, helping the owners to easily have an overall view of the existent planets and theirs rank.

Funds Distribution:

Funds are going to be stored on dedicated gnosis safe multisig wallets, except for the developer and charity address, those are managed outside the Spore DAO scope on private wallets.

You can find our Bank wallet and Burn wallet in the Spore DAO Site.

Teletón Donation:

We as protocol are going to donate 5% of the overall planet sales to a local Chilean charity called Teletón.

Spore Galaxy Links

Spore Links


Thanks to everybody which support the project, the vision, and for letting us to keep building stuff like these for everybody to play around, come aboard if you haven’t yet, get your planet, share them and have fun!




Blockchain & Crypto | https://spore.engineering

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Spore Engineering

Blockchain & Crypto | https://spore.engineering

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