Update: 2nd week live in BSC!

18th February 2021

Dear Community,

We are very happy to have completed our first two weeks live in BSC Main net. Every day more people are joining our Telegram channel, and more Spore tokens are minted.

The aim of this article is to cover some FAQs. If you haven’t read our last article covering the first round of FAQs of them you can check it here. In that article, we have already answered questions about max supply, audit and more.

First of all, we want to remind everyone that our Project is still in a very early stage. We are not a fork of any other protocol so we are constantly working to upgrade our original code, currently tweaks are mostly involving UI and metrics. The core of our farm and reward protocol was created by Carlos, our developer and came from a mixture of two different EIP protocols. The reward algorithm came from the Ethereum Improvement Proposal 2917 (EIP-2917) and the stake came from the EIP-900.

While these are Ethereum protocols please don’t get confused, we are live in BSC, the SPORE token that can be found on Uniswap is our past. The best place to buy SPORE is PancakeSwap. Swap here.

There was no special allocation of tokens for the team. All Spores in existence have been bought, even by the team. The minting role no longer exists and the only way of mint new tokens is in our staking and farming platform. We look forward to building a new protocol along with our community, that’s why fundamental issues regarding our Tokenomics (eg. burning mechanism, max/min supply, etc) are not yet defined but will be by all farmers and stakeholders. In order to do so, we are looking forward to creating a DAO.
A brief roadmap for the short term has taken place through the chat in our telegram channel and we have ordered it as follows:

1. Design and metric improves: We’re currently working to achieve an accurate display of APR%, daily APR%, SPORE, BNB and LP prices and also TVL. You can check most of this tasks in our Trello.

2. Marketing: Partnership will be the cornerstone for the significant increase in volume to our protocol. We want to keep the names of our tentative partners as surprise but we have already been making advancements towards disclosing these partnerships. Advertisement is something that is also currently being considered. The application to the BSC yield farming list has been sent and during this weekend we will also apply for a CMC token listing.

3. DAO: Implementing the DAO mechanism is mandatory for us in order to achieve many of the core fundamentals listed above.

That’s it! Remember to check our Github if you are interested in our code, it is entirely custom and original.

Blockchain Factory | spore.cl

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