5th March 2021

[Spanish Below]

Dear Community,

We are very happy to celebrate our first Month live in Binance Smart Chain! For this special time we’ve set up a Giveaway of 50 SPORE. The 8 winners will be announced this next Monday 8th March. Kindly check our Twitter for further information about how to take part.

This week, the designer took part and he’s currently working on the new UI for the modules of our farm. If you wonder what it will look like; We will keep some of the intergalactic-ship visuals from the avatars in a responsive, effective and visually attractive way.

Our DAO is also on rails, we all know that we need a deflationary mechanism and also a way to collect funds for the protocol needs; to further payments for design, audits, marketing, or even create liquidity in protocols out of PancakeSwap. This step is mandatory for the growth of the protocol, remember that all our circulation came from public sale and there was no allocation in treasury, for the team nor the protocol.

Carlos -the founder and developer- is working hard in the construction of the first of many steps for our DAO; the voting module. Here is where the first biscuit for our investors: This contract is based on a custom Aragon’s voting contract. As far as we know, this is the first customized migration of an Aragon’s contract into the Binance Smart Chain.

The second biscuit: The voting power will be determined by your stake.

The last point is about the official request of a pricing service from CertiK. Unfortunately the channel of communication with them hasn’t worked out well and they decided to close the doors for us, we are looking for alternatives.

Stay tuned !