Weekly Update

26th March 2021

Dear Community,

Another weekend and lots of news for you! Our is ready and published. Immune Bytes has considered our contracts of Low risk. The major issues were already in public knowledge and are related to our Early Stage. As the founder has explained many times before, we had to sacrifice a bit of decentralization in order to have everything secure and under control. That’s why it is so important that our identities are public on our website.

We are very proud about our second CEX listing in the currently 32th largest exchange out there: Now people can buy Spore in a centralized manner which is very important for users outside of the DeFi ecosystem but interested in having exposition to the project, which is the case of many people at a Local level.

A big new feature has been added to the Spore further use cases. We are designing a proto NFT Trading Card Game (TCG) that will have real use in our Farm. The Spore NFT displayer is already coded so we can now see the NFTs of our wallet in our own platform. The designs of Cards are still in a prototype phase but they are already minted and we are very excited to share it with you people. TCG geeks, spore enthusiasts, designers and everyone is warmly invited to gather with us over the Discord Channel, there we will build the narrative, mechanism and design of our cards along with the community.

And the last screenshot update into the new UI is here:

Today the last meeting with the designer will take place and we hope to have very promising news for us all in the coming week.

Stay tuned, be active, let’s grow together.



Blockchain & Crypto | https://spore.engineering

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