19th March 2021

Dear Community,

We are still here working for growth. Our first paid audit is on rails. ImmuneBytes is the team in charge of checking and testing our contracts. Please keep in mind that these are just the kickstart Audits in order to test our security before being able to recibe bigger volumes, and major adoption.

In other news our first NFT contract is ready. Spore Token Memories will be the first collection of Spore’s NFTs. We have many ideas in mind regarding a way to use NFTs as a functional tool for our farming platform in the future.

Check the contract in BSC or Github.

We gave the first feedback to the designer regarding the new UI of the farm. He will keep improving. Please be aware that the data and metrics of the following samples are not the final which will display APR% among other common yield farming metrics

The last good news, this next 23th March we will be officially listed on the Estonian based exchange Coinbit.io, with the pair SPORE/BTC. Be aware that there is a KYC in order to create an account so be ready! If you haven’t heard of this Cex before take a look in Coingecko!

Join our Discord, drop your ideas and personal thoughts regarding our plans, we are very flexible and open to new members that want to get involved in our project.

Blockchain Factory | spore.cl

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