Welcome, Condor Protocol!

Hello everybody, we’re pleased to announce the incorporation of Condor Protocol to our projects catalog, it will bring cross-chain asset compatibility, along with an Oracle service to retrieve Latin American price feeds indicators.

Condor Protocol is a permissioned blockchain built on Ethereum, with high throughput and immediate transaction finality. It aims to improve our products use cases, providing a platform in which we can leverage traditional financial services.

The network is open for anyone who wants to use it, testnet wouldn’t charge any gas fees, but mainet will, and it will require the native currency of the network, the CONDOR, to operate it.

For more information on how to configure your Metamask to connect to the network, please visit the documentation, you can also check on network health through our block explorer.

Price Feed Oracle for Latin American Indicators

As an effort to shorten the gap between traditional economy to decentralize finances, we will provide an integration kit to enable smart contracts inside your business logistics, to start accepting and receiving payments in stablecoins or any other tokenized crypto asset, charged in local currency.

This stage of the project only contemplates price feeds for CLP based indicators, which will be obtained directly from the Banco Central De Chile.

  • ✅ CLP-USD
  • ✅ UF-USD
  • ✅ UTM-USD

Chain Features

Condor Protocol was built using Consensy Quorum, meaning that all the Ethereum tooling are compatible with our network.

  • ✅ Solidity Support
  • ✅ Remix Support
  • ✅ Truffle Support
  • ✅ Hardhat Support

Metamask Compatibility

Condor Protocol is compatible with all Metamask mobile and browser versions. Setup is fast and you can start operating in a couple of minutes.

  • 1️⃣ Download Metamask
  • 2️⃣ Configure network
  • 3️⃣ Start deploying contracts

Block Explorer

The block explorer is one critical tool to enable the usage for common people and facilitates adoption, it will provide a visual environment in which people can graphically interact with the blockchain, review transactions, contracts, and more. We used Blockscout for this task.

Cross-chain Bridge Compatibility

We strongly believe in cross-chain compatibility that gathers people assets and transfer value among different protocols, which is why we will provide a Crypto Asset Bridge to port different assets and stablecoins into our network.

That way you can use your different assets to operate in Condor Protocol, and port them back when you’re finished.

  • ✅ Ethereum Network
  • ✅ Binance Smart Chain Network
  • ✅ Avalanche Network
  • ✅ Polygon Network

Common Libraries and Standards

Condor Protocol will work with all the current Ethereum standards and known libraries, providing full interchain compatibility for NFTs and common ERC20 tokens, meaning you can transfer NFTs from Ethereum to Condor to Binance Smart Chain and so on.

  • ✅ ERC20 Tokens
  • ✅ ERC721 Tokens
  • ✅ OpenZeppelin Libraries
  • ✅ Web3.js & Ethers.js Libraries

Final Words

Hope you all find this interesting and give a good use to the network.



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