Govern & Vote On Protocol Proposals Without Spending On Gas Fees

Hello everyone, Carlos here in another update, very exited to share with all of you the recent incorporation of the Snapshot platform to our products, this platform is in charge to provide vote and governance capabilities to our protocol, signing transactions with your wallet without spending on gas fees, because all happens off-chain!


The Snapshot Platform

We are officially listed on the Snapshot multi governance platform, which gather a lot of Blockchain projects and expose them in a very public way, letting people interact with a wide range of different projects from variate networks in just one place; All this to increase transparency among our members and to keep developing the foundations of our protocol.

Snapshot home page:

You can access to our “Space” by two different ways, the first and more easy is by going directly to, and the second one is to search by the project name directly on the Snapshot home page.

  • Remember to always check that you’re connected to BSC network before you interact with the platform.
Example of searching by the term “spore” inside Snapshot official home page

Snapshot allows us to configure what they call “Strategies” to measure and set the voting power of each member depending on the criteria we want, for now and to test the platform, the voting power of each member will be determined by the total SPORE balance the user holds on its wallet at the moment of voting the proposals (balance on wallet).

In the future the plan is to take each member locked liquidity as voting power automatically (create a custom strategy).

Example of the strategy used to measure user voting power

In order to create new proposals by the members, two requirements needs to be fulfilled, the first and more simple is to hold at least 10 SPORE on the wallet, and the second and more complex is to be added into the Snapshot whitelisted members.

For now the step two have to be done manually, meaning that each member who want to create new proposals have to be previously whitelisted by an admin on the Snapshot page settings.

To mitigate this manual process, we want to think in a way of automating the whitelisting directly on Snapshot by just holding an specific NFT (to be made), meaning that everyone who has the NFT will be automatically whitelisted and able to create new proposals; This also can be a complement for the Orbital Station proposal (Traveler Shuttle).

Example of member list at Snapshot administration, required in order to enable user to create new proposals
  • Anyone who hold any amount of tokens are eligible to vote on proposals
  • For now Snapshot doesn’t have support for Trust Wallet but they are actively looking for help to fix this.

Proposals Overview

Now I’ll go into proposals, how they are structured and work, for this purpose we will review element by element of the UI for separated, and then show the complete module with all its composing parts.

All proposals will have an informative panel which displays the author, the starting date and end date of the proposal, among other information less relevant for the common members.

Example of proposal information

As we stated before, each member voting power will be measured in the SPORE token amount (balance) holding on its wallet at the moment of vote.

After a vote is cast, the amount of tokens (voting power), will be added to the selected option of the proposal, updating the results that are displayed on the page.

It’s important to remark that no tokens are transferred in this operation, and it doesn’t have associated charges nor fees either, it’s all free.

Example of proposal results based on voting power

All votes are detailed on the proposal page, giving transparency to the voting process, displaying the members who voted, for which option and voting power, everything signed through wallet client.

Example of proposal votes showing voting power, option and who performed the action

Once you pick on the proposal’s option and click vote, a prompt will be displayed showing the option that you’ve previously picked and your voting power, if everything is ok just click the blue button “vote”, this will prompt the wallet extension to sign the “transaction”.

Example of voting power at the moment of casting a new vote

The last step to vote on proposals is to sign the transaction with the wallet client, this is to ensure the identity of the member who is voting, pretty simple and straight forward, also remember that its free.

Example of signing the transaction on Metamask at the moment of casting the new vote

This is how the complete proposal looks like.

Example showing the complete proposal UI

Official Links

Final Words

At the end I’ve realized that images are in Spanish, but the Snapshot UI is pretty straight forward.

Please let’s make a good use of the tool provided.



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