Halloween Inspired Spore Key Special Editions

Our Spore Galaxy has just expanded out of a cosmic collision and is steadily taking shape. We successfully launched our planet NFTs: Robot Oil token and Sporekeys are available for presale! Now we are diversifying the traits of the little robots to not only provide utility in terms of mining Robot Oil but also increase their rarity and aesthetics.

There’s some cool new features available on our Spore Keys ecosystem, which will be added to the current in-progress minting collection of the Keys.

We took Halloween as an inspiration and created a limited series of 70 little beasts for your collection. Only during our presale campaign, each key is available for 50 spore.

To mint, visit our website, buy spore (in case you don’t have it already) and follow the link to the spore galaxy. First come, first served!

Also remember to participate in our current active Airdrop!

White Skull Key

Black Skull Key

How To Get A Skull Key

There will be 70 available skull themed Spore Keys at the moment of minting, starting at key n° 90 and finishing up at key n° 160.

More Custom Keys To Expand The Ecosystem

As an effort to make it more interesting for all of you, we will be offering additional 3 Halloween inspired keys which will be available for purchase after OIL pre-sale is finalized.

You will need OIL & SPORE to purchase those limited edition Keys.

Lava Engine Devil Key

Mad Michael Myers Key

Blue Velvet Thunder Key

10/10 Special Edition Halloween NFT Cards

We are giving away these amazing Halloween themed NFT Cards as part of our airdrop campaign.

Michael Myers Key Card

Pink Vortex Skull Key Card

Spore Galaxy Links

Spore Links




Blockchain & Crypto | https://spore.engineering

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Spore Engineering

Spore Engineering

Blockchain & Crypto | https://spore.engineering

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