The Spore Galaxy has been extended: Welcome Spore Keys!

The Spore Keys are the second generation of NFTs coming to the Spore Galaxy. Tiny little helper robots as busy as a bee. Feed and nurture them whilst they are grinding for your passive income. And the best part of it: Watch them turn into unique generative artworks over time, giving you access to the steadily evolving features of Spore Galaxy.

Once you own one or multiple planets in the Spore Galaxy, these little fellas will help you to mine and refine minerals into what will be our in-game token ‘Robot Oil’ (OIL).

We are still in the early stages of development but everything is proceeding according to the plan. And since today the first Spore Keys are rolling off the production lines, we decided that it is time to reward our planet holder with a 50% off pre-sale. Get a grab on this limited number of robots a couple of weeks before the launch of time lock contracts and OIL farms. And get ready for more big things to come!


  • 60,000 total capped supply for keys.
  • first 3,000 (5%) keys sold as presale for 50 SPORE.
  • last 3,000 (5%) keys sold as last chance for 200 SPORE.
  • rest 54,000 (90%) keys sold as normal price for 100 SPORE.
  • Anti whale mechanism, only 30 (1%) keys available per address on presale.


  • Development & Marketing — 70%
  • Spore Bank Multisig Wallet — 20%
  • Spore Burn Multisig Wallet — 10%

Key Rarities:

There are 5 different kind of base key design, remember that later on when they wakes up, a new set of textures will apply.

The white key is the base for all the rest and its complete white, there are 45,000 total of them, and they are minted from the start to the end of the distribution period.

The black & white key as it names implies, has two colors on it, there are 13,000 of them, and they are minted only between the pre-sale and the last chance period.

The black key is set to be one of the premium keys, it’s full black, there are just 1,000 of them, and they are minted only during the presale period.

The red key is set to be the other premium key, it’s full red, there are just 1,000 of them, and they are minted only during the last chance period.

The sunshine key is the rarest key of all the rest, it’s full yellow, there are just 5 of them, and they are minted from the start to the end of the distribution period.


Spore Keys will be in charge of refining your planet’s minerals and turn them into Robot Oil (which is our in game token) through staking timelock contracts.

Robot Oil will be used to upgrade your key production rate, and for many other in-game purchases.

Mint Your Key:

In order to mint a key, you will need to get some SPORE first directly on Pancakeswap, then you can proceed to the minting page, the procedure is very straight forward, it works with multiple wallet providers, and relies on Binance Smart Chain network.

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